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Financial Services Simplified.
Opportunity Maximized.

H3 Financial Services is a leading provider of end-to-end software solutions and services for creating, managing and automating in-house and third-party financing programs, membership programs, subscription billing, usage-based recurring billing and secure payment processing, helping organizations boost sales, enhance customer loyalty and grow the bottom line.

Order-to-Cash Expertise

We provide a complete end-to-end solution, providing high flexibility, enterprise-level capability and automation software focused on credit, billing and payment solutions. H3 Financial Services helps businesses of all sizes whether single location, multi-location or national chain.

Our Solutions

Directly, through partnerships and with our sister companies BillWise Inc. and ExtendCredit, we deliver customized and industry specific solutions utilizing our combined expertise to answer the needs and processes of specific industries such as healthcare, dental, veterinary, communications and enterprise markets.

Our Mission

To provide the leading single-source financial services platform, enabling patients and consumers to obtain services and products while empowering our clients, boosting sales, loyalty and revenue.

Our Values

It’s About You

Our business is about building our partner’s business. Our goal: to earn your trust as a valued partner providing the financial services platform, tools and support to grow your business and enable customers to obtain the services and products they seek.

Be Trustworthy

In all that we do, our customers, partners, investors, and employees need to see that we honor our promises and respect our relationships. We believe trust is earned and is shown through action.

Think Differently

Because the customer base of our different businesses span the globe, represent a variety of industries and come in different sizes, we can draw upon those experiences to help solve problems in specific industries from a different perspective. We can continually evolve leveraging the lessons learned and best practices used across our varied customer community.

Expect and Embrace Change

Change keeps us relevant and our ideas fresh. As each new generation takes its place in business they bring with them new ideas and ways of looking at our industries. Embracing these new ways while leveraging our experience leads to better solutions to help our customers succeed in an ever-changing, competitive environment.

Proven History

Our thousands of customers span the globe and range in size from single practitioner veterinary clinics to large multi-national corporations. With over 25 years in the high-volume, recurring billing and payments business, processing over 50 billion transactions annually, we have the depth of experience and reliability of performance to meet and exceed the ever-changing needs of our customers.