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BillWise Capabilities

Connect SM

Connect:SM offers modular pre-integrated, cloud-based and hosted, “order-to-cash” billing, recurring payments, and customer care solutions to help companies build, manage, and grow their subscription businesses.

Unlike traditional billing software that focuses solely on automating financial transactions, Connect:SM enables our clients to stay connected to their customers throughout the customer life-cycle and bridges the gap between billing and other operational processes.
Connect:SM provides near real-time information access at every stage of the order processing and transaction management cycle. This enables our clients to effectively run their subscription business and efficiently service their customers. Everything needed to complete an order or service a customer inquiry is available in one place eliminating time-consuming, error-prone processes that can negatively impact customer relationships.

Capabilities Overview

  • Customer Registration
  • Customer Self-Care
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Accounts
  • Subscription Plans, Products & Services
  • Pricing & Charging
  • Prepay & Balance Management
  • Micro-Transaction Support
  • Packaging, Bundles, Promotions & Discounts
  • Product/Service Taxation
  • Provisioning & Order Management
  • Serialized Inventory Support
  • Billing Configuration Options
  • Invoices & Statements
  • Bill Runs & Cycle Billing
  • Usage Processing
  • Payment Methods (Cash, Credit Card, ACH, etc.)
  • Payment Configuration Options
  • Payment Processing & Reporting
  • Payment Dunning Management
  • AR Configuration Options
  • Dunning & Collections Workflow Management
  • Web Services APIs
  • Connect Platform Administration & Security

Connect IXC

Connect IXC provides real time event rating and billing mediation in an integrated solution, or as separate modules that work seamlessly with Connect SM.

The real time event rating engine helps customers of all sizes overcome metering obstacles by providing an advanced, event-rating engine for IP-based services. These include an array of enhanced services such as Voice over IP, OTT and IPTV video, metered bandwidth, mobile broadband, multi-service virtual private networks, enhanced telephony, IP conferencing, cloud services, and content-driven services. This engine matches each usage event to a customer and a rate plan, allowing the service provider to associate monetary value to each customer’s network usage.

The billing mediation platform captures raw data streams from a wide variety of network systems and transforms these data records into standardized formats that can be used for billing, data analysis, and other business purposes. The platform support concurrent streams from multiple network elements and concurrent streams out to multiple business systems each with formatting specific to the individual external system.

Capabilities Overview

  • Any CDR/IPDR Element
    • Source, Destination, Direction, Distance, Dialed Digit, Location, Duration, Size, Increment, Event, Service Type, Equipment Type, or in any combination
  • Event Rating
    • Connect time and Messages by size, type, date, duration, etc.
    • Trial rating before publishing into production
    • Rounding allows for definition of any unit type – second, minute, byte, packet, event or any combination
    • Rate definition – Unit of measure, method of rounding, and charge increment are all table driven values
    • Tried Pricing is based off of Time Of Day, Rate Period, and an initial charge, which are all table driven values
    • Real time monitoring – enables monitoring statuses in real time. Includes Recs/Sec, Records rated, unrated, rejected, ECT
  • Discounts
    • Free, Volume, Combined Components, Min Spend, Tiered/Levels
  • Rules Based Rating
    • Unlimited Flexibility, Extensible, English Like Syntax
    • Standard Rates can be supplemented with English like rules to create additional parameters – these operate on any element within the CDR for custom rating
  • Multiple Interfaces
    • Interfaces to all types of network elements
    • Guaranteed collection and storage of allnetwork generated events
    • Distributed Architecture enables remote or centralized collection
  • Formatting & Correlation
    • Filtering, Formatting, and Correlating
    • Single CDR/IPDR created from multiple event records
    • Table driven configuration of formatting and correlation rules
  • Multiple Outputs
    • Multiple Outputs to Business and Operating Support Systems
    • Industry Standard Outputs supported: AMA, BAF, CIBER, ETSI, IPDR, etc.
    • Support for proprietary and in-house CDR formats
    • Supports batch or real time transfer of records
  • Carrier Class Design
    • Java Interface for Configuration
    • Included Graphic Reporting
    • Configurable Alarms and Event Logs
    • Integrated RADIUS
    • Pre-pay and Post-pay Packet Support
    • SNMP MIBS and Traps
    • Scalability, High Availability, Redundancy and Failover
    • Provides a centralized accounting interface to and from multiple systems
    • Persistent storage of source data (accounting events, etc.)
    • Persistent storage of formatted CDRs. Does not use a database
    • Provides status information agent via a standard interface or via its stand- alone interface