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The Financing Behind the Smile

As health care changes, and patients demand new options and choices in financing the care they need, H3 Financial Services’ sister company is at the forefront providing dental practices and organizations the technology and capabilities they need to provide a suite of financial services.  Successful practices are building revenue and attracting new patients through membership plans and payment plans creating custom options such as: Individual Plans, University Plans, Employer Plans and Concierge Plans.

As the market changes, we are there providing the platform and technology that enables practices to quickly adapt and answer the needs of their patients and a changing industry. For more information on Dental CreditPlans call 888-364-2828.

Introducing the H3 WellnessPlus Dental Credit Account

H3 WellnessPlus Dental, our integrated 3rd party credit solution is delivers new flexibility to dental patients and a new option to dental practices. Highlights include prescreening of patients with just their name and address, an integrated application process within the platform, and no separate card is terminal required. Upon approval, customers may use their credit account to charge treatment or service at the practice. The program includes a revolving credit plan (with no minimum purchase amount) and promotional credit plan opportunities.  H3 WellnessPlus Dental credit accounts are issued by Comenity Capital Bank. The H3 WellnessPlus Dental credit account is integrated with our full-suite of patient financial services or as a stand-alone service.

Looking for a full suite of patient financial services in one platform? Benefit from an integrated workflow with first look and second look automation built in  Contact our partner Comprehensive Finance. Remember to ask about the H3 WellnessPlus Dental credit account program.

For information on the H3 WellnessPlus Dental credit account only and how it can benefit your practice simply fill out the contact form at DCP