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Faster Billing for Quicker Payment

H3 Billing module provides the customer care, billing and payment architecture for the normal invoicing of customers, patients and locations (franchise/company owned). H3 Billing delivers upon our expertise in automated invoicing, recurring billing and consumption based membership plans.

Membership Plan Program Management

  • Service Catalog aids in efficient setup and management of your enterprise/regional/local membership plans
  • Service Consumption helps you manage service consumption and availability under individual plans
  • Service Performance Pay helps you manage your incentive compensation programs for membership plan usage and track compensation across locations
  • Centralized Payment Processing and Management automates and effectively manages large volumes of recurring/manual credit/ debit card and/or ACH payments

Recurring Billing

The H3 Billing solution makes it simple for companies of all sizes to set up recurring billing for memberships, subscription services, or purchases to be paid over time. The transactional data can be imported from another operational system in order to generate invoices, or the system’s service/product catalog functionality can generate transactions. The “order-to-cash” capabilities include:

  • Account management capabilities
  • Order management capabilities
  • Invoicing (on-demand or batch, print, online, or email delivery)
  • Payment operation
  • Receivables and collections

Solutions for Enterprise and Communications

BillWise, Inc., provides innovative, modern software- and services-based solutions that help our clients drive revenue and improve profitability by better engaging and transacting with their customers. BillWise enables clients across diverse markets, such as cloud services, cable, digital media, and telecommunications to configure new offerings, interact with customers through multiple touch-points about those offerings, and monetize them through effective and profitable customer transactions. Our flexible, adaptive applications meet the demands of evolving markets as they branch out to offer everything from mobile voice & applications to video-on-demand to the newest IP-based services and applications such as cloud services.

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