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A Comprehensive End-to-End Solution

H3 Credit provides the ability to integrate third party programs and to create and manage in-house payment plans in a robust and scalable single workflow. Designed for easy implementation, plan creation and management, H3 Credit is highly intuitive and automated, adding little extra workload to busy staff.

In-House Payment Plans and Second Look Programs:

H3 Credit’s in-house payment plans give organizations more options. Many companies make our in-house payment plan a first tier offering to their customers and patients that qualify, others utilize it as a second look program to offer another option to creditworthy customers and patients that might be turned down by third-party credit companies.  H3 Credit in-house payment plans are built on lending best practices. Full automation enables organizations to easily and confidently offer in-house payment plans on their terms and remain in control every step of the process, including credit underwriting.

Our simplified step-by-step process lets you sign up and approve in-house payment plans for applicants within minutes using one simple window screen. An instant credit, bank and fraud check is included. Payment setup is easy. You decide the terms, e.g., 90 days to 12 months, as well as the interest rate and payment amount. The terms calculator provides quick auto calculations for review and approval.
The H3 Credit in-house payment plan solution includes all necessary payment plan agreements and a Promissory Note. Our automated system provides compliance and regulatory oversight. The proven platform is robust and secure allowing you to easily set up and manage auto-payment providing compliant payment storage methods.
As with all our solutions, H3 Credit is specifically designed to optimize and minimize workload. Once approved, the system takes over, handling every aspect of the payment plan, providing significant automation to ensure fast and easy program management. H3 Credit automates monthly billing and payment processing as well as weekly deposits to your business account. If a payment is missed, notifications are sent to you and the borrower to get them back on track. Reporting and management tools make it simple to check status at any time.
H3 Credit automates communication reminding the borrower each month of the payment due, or notifying them of the auto-payment debit. An online portal provides simple tools to check account status, review statements, update personal information and make payments. Providing self-service tools and solutions for the borrower also saves valuable time for management and staff.
As a cloud-based SaaS platform there is no new software or hardware to purchase. Developed using the most robust security features and technology available, H3 Credit is accessible from any browser and offers the industry’s highest quality rating. Our core technology is used by leading companies and industries worldwide to process more than 50 billion recurring transactions annually. Our sister companies handle tens of thousand of payment plans for businesses across industries with an industry leading success rate.
Whether your company or organization is in a single location or multiple sites, enterprise and multi-location functionality is important. The H3 Financial Services proven robust platform offers enterprise-level functionality further supporting scalability, integration and enables use of best business practices and protocols.
In-house payment offerings are also utilized by many of our clients who have larger AR balances than desired. They utilize the program to set up payment plans to provide those with a balance an option to start a payment program in order to get them back on track and reduce outstanding debt.

Additional Key Features:

Instant Credit, Bank and Fraud Check
With a click of the mouse, you can obtain a credit check along with bank and fraud searches, giving you the right information to make a sound decision.
Automated Management, Reporting and Tracking
H3 automates the process from end-to-end, from signing up new plans to the management, billing, collections, tracking and reporting. H3 keeps you informed with little added workload.
Auto Payment
Allows you to obtain payment information and setup for auto payment. H3 deposits direct to your business account.
Automated late payment notices and alerts are generated by the software. Missed payments are flagged instantly and reminder communications are sent to get customers back in good standing. H3 Financial Services also provides options for any soft or hard collections support you may need.
Monthly Email Reminder
Each month email reminders are automatically sent to those on an approved payment plan.
Customer Portal
Included is a branded portal that empowers your customers to go online and check account status, care history, change personal information and make payments.
“Make Offers” Functionality 
Enables practice to automate which credit offers are available based on pre-defined business and credit rules so staff doesn’t have to make those decisions or have errors made.
Save and Complete Later Functionality
Save an application in progress and return to finish it later.
Self Service Applications
Allow the applicant to complete the application online and submit. The organization then reviews all pending applications later for approval or denial.