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Secure H3 Payment.
Part Of Our Full Suite Financial Services

A crucial part of any financial services solution is the ability to enable payment.  And, a comprehensive solution is much more than simple payment processing.  H3 Payment provides automation and a secure environment seamlessly integrated with recurring billing. A single payment solution that securely processes debit/credit cards and ACH transactions, H3 Payment provides customer communication, auto retry for missed payments and tools to ensure any missed payments get back on track. H3 Payment is the first step in providing a scalable enterprise payment offering for organizations of all sizes.

Virtual Terminal

H3 Payment allows merchants to process credit/debit card and ACH transactions in our application without ever having cardholder data traverse through their systems – allowing companies to easily remain in compliance with PCI standards. Our solution posts payment details directly over our secure network.

Recurring Payment

More than payment processing, integrated H3 Payment software provides leading functionality, capabilities and ease-of-use, enabling organizations to quickly set up and benefit from recurring payments for memberships, subscription services, or purchases to be paid over time. Providing key reminders, reporting and more.

Debit/Credit and ACH

It is easy to set up credit/debit card and ACH processing within the H3 Financial Services Platform and accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and other forms of payment.

Automated Payment and Card on File

Streamline payment with automated payment solutions with secure and compliant ‘card on file’ capabilities.

Web-Based Reporting

H3 Financial Services provides extensive web-based reporting and roles-based capabilities; allowing you to easily manage and view transaction histories, monitor ongoing purchases, and more.

Batch Processing

Easily process transactions at the end of each business day efficiently and safely.

Payment and Data Security

The H3 Financial Service Platform is designed to provide the security features organizations need to help minimize Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requirements by removing payment data from their environment. The H3 Security suite helps eliminate payment data exposure at every step of the process from capture, transmission to storage. All sensitive ACH and/or cardholder data is securely protected. The H3 Platform is in compliance with PCI and NACHA rules. Our individual modules include:

  • Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Tokenization
  • End-to-End Encryption

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