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Over the years we have invested over $30 million in research and development to create the leading SaaS financial services platform, supporting a full suite of financial services solutions and enterprise level functionality.  Whether an organization is a single location, multiple sites or part of a regional or national system, H3 Financial Services, Inc., has you covered with features not found in other single focused tools.

H3 Credit: Provides the ability to integrate third party programs and the ability to create and manage in-house payment plans in a robust and scalable single workflow.

H3 Payment: A single payment solution that securely processes, debit cards, credit cards and ACH transactions.

H3 Billing: Delivers upon our expertise in automated invoicing, recurring billing and consumption based membership plans.

Enterprise level functionality is vital to providing companies the leading automation, capability and flexibility ensuring best practices and a comprehensive solution that empowers organizations and employees.
H3 Financial Services, Inc.’s financial services platform provides the capabilities required by both large and small enterprises to administer and tailor the system to their unique requirements.

  • Table-driven, rule based configuration options
  • Role based security at each level of the organizational hierarchy
  • Intelligent service catalog with GL and Revenue Code capabilities
  • Ability to segment locations by Corporate/Regional customer service representative
  • Missed payment workflow across all locations
  • Commission or performance pay tracking and reporting
  • Receivables summary report for all location activity
  • User management [Login(s), Password(s)] for locations
  • Definition of Membership and/or Wellness Plans and services
  • Email notification automation delivers branded payment reminders and notification of missed payment
Answering the needs of management and the team, configuration flexibility helps tailor and control the user experience at enterprise, regional and local levels.

  • Origination rules – state-by-state
  • Patient/Client communication templates
  • Membership/Wellness plans and included services
  • Missed payment management – centralized and/or decentralized management
  • Key notifications – new plans, missed payments, thresholds
  • Portal branding and location configuration templates
  • Role-based systems.
We have a long history in financial services and utilize the highest levels of security and privacy protocols making sure your client information is protected and secure. Information is always encrypted and only used on your behalf.  You own the data, it is never sold.
Our financial services platform infrastructure is both vertically and horizontally scalable.  Both vertical and horizontal scaling are independently available at the server, database, processor, and/or web access levels as demand dictates.  Supported by robust clustering and load balancing capabilities, transaction volumes and user loads can increase without loss of performance or reliability.
H3 Financial Services provides support for bi-directional data exchange with external applications, enabling easy integration with practice and corporate systems such as accounting and practice management systems.

  • Web service APIs
  • Queues and file transfers
  • URL integration with the practice or corporate website
  • Demo and test environments for support and training
  • 24/7 system monitoring and alerting