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Comprehensive Solutions for Enterprise
and Communications Markets

BillWise provides an integrated, end-to-end customer care, billing and payment solution for subscription-based business models in the enterprise and communications markets. For more than 20 years, we’ve delivered expertise, solutions and services that power customer transactions for innovative clients. We’ve helped our clients support tens of millions of customers and have exceeded an annual volume of 20 billion recurring transactions.

Every industry has its own unique business processes and practices, and no two subscription businesses operate the same. For that reason, BillWise believes in delivering solutions tailored to your individual requirements. Our extensive web service based APIs can be used to integrate our solution into your customer-facing business applications, or you can use our solution as a standalone, “order-to-cash” system. Customization services are available to tailor the solution to your unique business requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Build stronger customer relationships and meet competitive challenges by rapidly developing compelling products and services your customers demand.
  • Interact with your customers more effectively through whatever channel they prefer, be it online, via the telephone, or in-person.
  • Enhance the value of every customer at the point of transaction, by enabling them to purchase the way they feel most comfortable and use this opportunity to develop the customer relationship and maximize revenue potential.

We offer Enterprise and Communications versions of our solution to address the differing requirements of these industry categories. The Enterprise version includes the Connect SM “order-to-cash” billing system, while the Communications version includes the Connect SM system and, optional, Connect IXC real-time rating and billing mediation system for high-volume usage collection and billing.


The Enterprise version of Connect SM is used for subscription style business models that require “order-to-cash” capabilities, including order, account, billing, payment, and receivables management.

Hosted on Amazon AWS, the Enterprise version offers a cost effective solution that requires no investment in hardware or software, and minimizes the impact on expensive IT resources.

Lending, payments, healthcare, home automation, and insurance are among the diverse industries represented by our customers.

Communications Version

The Communications version of Connect SM is used for the recurring billing needs of communications service providers offering telephony and data services to residential and commercial customers. Essential capabilities include real-time integration with network systems to collect and rate usage transactions, as well as synchronize network services and billing based on service provisioning, subscription bundle, and payment status.

Offered as an on-premise or hosted single-tenant solution, the Communications version offers a secure, robust platform for integration into a carrier’s infrastructure with full access to the database for analysis and custom reporting.

The Communications version supports customers offering residential and commercial telephony, SMS, internet access, and data services in simple to complex product and pricing bundles.