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Leading Security Technology Tokenization

Storing customer credit and debit card numbers opens merchants up to huge potential for hacking and fraud. H3 Financial Services’ secure tokenization solution allows merchants to perform authorizations, reissues, refunds, returns, voids and recurring billing without the need to ever store the card number, significantly minimizing the merchant’s PCI footprint.

How does this work? Once our system has the cardholder’s data, we transmit it to the credit card networks for authorization. When authorized, we generate a token that is passed back to the merchant – It is this token that is stored in the merchant’s system of record in lieu of a card number. This token is then used for future transactions – Once this process has happened, the submitting of the original card number is no long required.

Benefits of Tokenization

  • Reduces PCI DSS Scope
  • Card data is never stored your system and renders payment card data meaningless to hackers
  • Payment reconciliation can take place without handling payment data
  • Not mathematically reversible