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Healthier Pets.  A Healthy Bottom Line.

VCP is the leading and only single-source provider of a full suite of integrated pet owner financial services designed to help Veterinary practices boost sales, increase pet owner loyalty, and improve bottom line results through better financial offerings for pet owners. The VCP suite includes the industry’s most comprehensive and robust VCP Wellness Plan solution, the H3 WellnessPlus Credit Card which includes both revolving and promotional third party payment plans, and the VCP In-House Payment Plan management solution for a second look program for creditworthy pet owners who may have been declined by third-party financing.

The H3 WellnessPlus Card

The H3 WellnessPlus Credit Card was designed to provide veterinary practices an additional financing option for pet owners that removes the account receivable responsibilities from the practice.  As part of a full suite of financial services, it helps remove barriers allowing the practice to focus on recommending and providing the best care, and giving pet owners another chance to say ‘Yes’ to the care their pet needs. The H3 WellnessPlus Card functions as a traditional credit card, but is for the exclusive use for pet care, supplies, and out-of-pocket expenses at participating veterinary practices. It also offers promotional plans, offered through Comenity Capital Bank, allowing qualified pet owners to finance their pet’s treatment over time instead of paying a lump sum prior to treatment.