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Healthier Pets.  A Healthy Bottom Line.

VCP, the wellness plan solutions leader, is quickly becoming the epicenter of a pet wellness ecosystem that supports veterinary professionals in their quest to help more pets live happy healthier lives, and at the same time, dramatically increase practice revenue and growth. VCP was founded on the simple premise, that to enable treatment and ensure more healthy pets, the practice must retain a healthy bottom line. The data, from over 350,000 managed plans, proves the significant impact of VCP wellness solutions. Our partners see higher compliance rates for services both in and out of the wellness plan, 10% to 15% growth in practice revenue and dramatic increases in per pet spend. By being the only solution focused on both the practice of wellness (software, plan design and management) and the business of wellness (how to grow and scale programs and incorporate as a core business strategy) VCP is helping veterinary practices of all sizes reach their goals.